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Text Topics for Units 1-8 Detailed Listing    
Unit 1.  Review of velocity, momentum, energy, and fields
Unit 2.  Lagrangian and Hamiltionian mechanics
Unit 3.  General Curvilinear Coordinate transformations
Unit 4.  Oscillation and waves
Unit 5.  Orbits and scattering
Unit 6.  Rigid and semi-rigid bodies
Unit 7.  Action and functional variation
Unit 8.  Advanced Topics
Appendix K.  Astronomical Constants

2016 Lecture Topics 2016 Detailed Listing     2015 Lectures     2014 Lectures
Lecture 1.  1st axioms and theorems of classical mechanics (8/23/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 2.  Analysis of 1D 2-Body Collisions I. (8/25/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 3.  Analysis of 1D 2-Body Collisions II: Reflection groups (8/30/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 4.  Kinetic Derivation of 1D Potentials and Force Fields (9/1/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 5.  Dynamics of Potentials and Force Fields (9/6/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 6.  Geometry of common power-law potentials (9/8/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 7.  Kepler Geometry of IHO (Isotropic Harmonic Oscillator) Elliptical Orbits (9/13/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 8.  Quadratic form geometry and development of mechanics of Lagrange and Hamilton (9/20/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 9.  Equations of Lagrange and Hamilton mechanics in Generalized Curvilinear Coordinates (GCC) (9/22/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 10.  Hamiltonian vs. Lagrange mechanics in Generalized Curvilinear Coordinates (GCC) (9/23/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 11.  Poincare, Lagrange, Hamiltonian, and Jacobi mechanics (9/27/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 12.  Complex Variables, Series, and Field Coordinates I. (9/29/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 13.  Complex Variables, Series, and Field Coordinates II. (10/4/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 14.  Introducing GCC Lagrangian`a la Trebuchet Dynamics (10/6/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 15.  GCC Lagrange and Riemann Equations for Trebuchet (10/11/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 16.  Hamilton Equations for Trebuchet and Other Things (10/13/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 17.  Reimann-Christoffel equations and covariant derivative (10/20/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 18.  Electromagnetic Lagrangian and charge-field mechanics (10/25/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 19.  Classical Constraints: Comparing various methods (10/27/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 20.  Introduction to classical oscillation and resonance (11/3/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 21.  Introduction to coupled oscillation and eigenmodes (11/4/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 22.  Introduction to Spinor-Vector resonance dynamics (11/8/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 23.  U(2)~R(3) algebra/geometry in classical or quantum theory (11/10/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 24.  Parametric Resonance and Multi-particle Wave Modes (11/17/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 25.  Introduction to Orbital Dynamics (11/18/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 26.  Geometry and Symmetry of Coulomb Orbital Dynamics I. (11/22/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 27.  Geometry and Symmetry of Coulomb Orbital Dynamics II. (11/29/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 28.  Multi-particle and Rotational Dynamics (11/1/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 29.  Classical Constraints: Comparing various methods (Self-Study)  
Lecture 30.  RelaWavity and a novel introduction to relativistic mechanics I. (12/6/2016)   View on YouTube
Lecture 31.  RelaWavity and a novel introduction to relativistic mechanics II. (12/8/2016)   View on YouTube

Assignment 1.  Due Tues. (9/3/2016)   Solutions 1.  
Assignment 2.  Due Tues. (9/8/2016)   Solutions 2.  
Assignment 3.  Due Tues. (9/15/2016)   Solutions 3.  
Assignment 4.  Due Tues. (9/29/2016)   Solutions 4.  
Assignment 5.  Due Thurs. (10/6/2016)   Solutions 5.  
Assignment 6.  Due Thurs. (10/13/2016)   Solutions 6.  
Assignment 7.  Due Thurs. (10/20/2016)   Solutions 7.  
Assignment 8.  Due Thurs. (10/27/2016)   Solutions 8.  
Assignment 9.  Due Thurs. (11/3/2016)   Solutions 9.  
Assignment 10.  Due Thurs. (11/10/2016)   Solutions 10.  
Assignment 11.  Due Thurs. (11/17/2016)   Solutions 11.  
Assignment 12.  Due Thurs. (11/24/2016)  
Final Exam / Assignment 16.  Due Thurs. (Noon 12/14/2016)  

This will serve as the final exam for the course. It is as much a writing exercise as a solving one.
The object here is to pick one or two problems and do a descriptive write-up for your choice of problem or problems.
Discuss theory needed to start solving problems. Then develop solutions and follow up with leads to more advanced possibilities as well as connections to earlier or more elementary problems.
Imagine you are the instructor and this is part of a classical mechanics text for upper division and graduate students.
A rough set of solutions to Set 16 will be posted at the start of exam week. Before viewing these you should do as much analysis as you can of several of the exercises before focusing on the one or ones you’ll write up.

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