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Production Links - For use by the students at the University of Arkansas & interested general public

Portal Pages, Papers & Talks
Production Portal Page; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/LearnItWeb.html"
Harter-Soft Web Apps - Quick Reference; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/Harter-SoftWebApps.html"
2015 DAMOP RelaWavity Portal Page; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/RelaWavityPortal.html"
2016 Presentation "Leveraging Information Technologies for Physics Education"
2016 INBRE Workshop "Relawavity: Simple trigonometry leads to understanding of relativity and quantum theory"  View on YouTube
Special Relativity Introduction for General Relativity - UAF 2017 Jan
      Lecture #1: Presentation (pdf), Video View on YouTube
      Lecture #2: Presentation (pdf)
2017 Presentation "Improving STEM Teaching and Learning" - UAF for GRSD 5003, Video View on YouTube
Presentation on: Molecules and Molecular Spectroscopy - UAF 12/17/2017
          "Learning about molecules from Quantum theory and Learning about Quantum theory from molecules"

Relawavity: A simple way to introduce relativity and quantum theory using ruler & compass geometry, UAF 2017
      Current draft via Apple Pages
      Current draft via TeX with reference linking
What Einstein left out: Gaining clarity in modern physics curricula, Draft UAF 2017
      Prototype draft via Apple Pages
      Latest draft via TeX with reference linking

Textbooks & Courses
Classical Mechanics with a Bang! - URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/CMwBang_UnitsDetail_2017.html"
Honors Physics Colloquium - URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/HPColloqWeb.html"
Group Theory in Quantum Mechanics - URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/GTQMWeb.html"   
Modern Physics and its Classical Foundations - URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/MPCFWeb.html"
Principles of Symmetry, Dynamics, and Spectroscopy {Text} - URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/PSDSWeb.html"
Quantum Theory for the Computer Age - URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/QTCA_UnitsDetail.html"

2012 PHYS 3614 Modern Physics
2013 PHYS 5093 Group Theory in Quantum Mechanics
2013 PHYS 5103 Advanced Mechanics
2014 PHYS 5513 Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
2014 PHYS 5103 Advanced Mechanics
2015 PHYS 5093 Group Theory in Quantum Mechanics
2015 PHYS 5103 Advanced Mechanics
2016 PHYS 3922H Honors Colloquium
2016 PHYS 5103 Advanced Mechanics
2017 PHYS 5093 Group Theory in Quantum Mechanics
2017 PHYS 5103 Advanced Mechanics
2018 PHYS 588V Symmetry Principles for Advanced Atomic-Molecular-Optical Physics
2018 PHYS 5103 Advanced Mechanics

LearnIt Web Applications
BohrIt - Production; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/BohrItWeb.html"
BounceIt - Production; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/BounceItWeb.html"
BounceMat - Production; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/BounceMatWeb.html"
BoxIt - Production; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/BoxItWeb.html"
Classical Mechanics in Motion - Production; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/CMMotionWeb.html"
ColorU(2) - Production; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/ColorU2Web.html"
CoulIt - Production; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/CoulItWeb.html"
Cycloidulum - Production; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/CycloidulumWeb.html"
GuideIt - Production; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/GuideItWeb.html"
JerkIt - Production; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/JerkItWeb.html"
MolVibes - Production; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/MolVibesWeb.html"
OscillIt - Production; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/OscillItWeb.html"
Pendulum - Production; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/PendulumWeb.html"
QuantIt - Production; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/QuantItWeb.html"
Relativity - 2005 Pirelli Challenge Entrant - Production; URL is "https://pirelli.hosted.uark.edu" or "https://pirelli.hosted.uark.edu/html/default.html"
RelativIt Production; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/RelativItWeb.html"
RelaWavity Production; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/RelaWavityWeb.html"
Trebuchet Production; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/TrebuchetWeb.html"
WaveIt Production; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/markup/WaveItWeb.html"

Testing Links - For internal use and testing by Harter & Heyoka

BandIt - Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/BandItWeb.html"
BohrIt - Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/BohrItWeb.html"
BounceIt - Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/BounceItWeb.html"
BounceMat - Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/BounceMatWeb.html"
BounceIt Title Page - Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/BounceItTitlePage.html"
BoxIt - Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/BoxItWeb.html"
Classical Mechanics in Motion - Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/CMMotionWeb.html"
Color U(2) - Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/ColorU2Web.html"
CoulIt - Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/CoulItWeb.html"
Cycloidulum - Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/CycloidulumWeb.html"
Harter-Soft Web Apps - Quick Reference - Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/Harter-SoftWebApps.html"
GuideIt - Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/GuideItWeb.html"
JerkIt - Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/JerkItWeb.html"
ModernPhysics - Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/IntroCover.html"
MolVibes - Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/MolVibesWeb.html"
OscillatorPE - Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/OscillatorPEWeb.html"
OscillIt - Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/OscillItWeb.html"
Pendulum - Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/PendulumWeb.html"
QuantIt - Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/QuantItWeb.html"
RelativIt Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/RelativItWeb.html"
RelaWavity Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/RelaWavityWeb.html"
Trebuchet Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/TrebuchetWeb.html"
WaveIt Testing; URL is "https://modphys.hosted.uark.edu/testing/markup/WaveItWeb.html"