Text Topics for Units 1-8 Detailed Listing  
Unit 1. Review of velocity, momentum, energy, and fields
Unit 2. Lagrangian and Hamiltionian mechanics
Unit 3. General Curvilinear Coordinate transformations
Unit 4. Oscillation and waves
Unit 5. Orbits and scattering
Unit 6. Rigid and semi-rigid bodies
Unit 7. Action and functional variation
Unit 8. Advanced Topics
Appendix K. Astronomical Constants

2015 Lecture Topics 2015 Detailed Listing     2014 Lectures
Lecture 1. Axiomatic development of classical mechanics (8/25/2015)

Listing of Other Classes
2012 PHYS 3614 Modern Physics
2013 PHYS 5093 Group Theory in Quantum Mechanics
2013 PHYS 5103 Advanced Mechanics
2014 PHYS 5513 Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
2014 PHYS 5103 Advanced Mechanics
2015 PHYS 5093 Group Theory in Quantum Mechanics

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